Elodie Poux: " Le syndrome du playmobil "

02/11/2017 - 02/11/2017

"Le syndrome du playmobil" by Elodie Poux is first and foremost: An incisive script, sharply chiselled. A schizophrenically spot-on, unbelievably masterful presentation. A zygomatically muscular, delirious, breathtaking show. Elodie Poux is also: A good dose of characters. A pinch of stand up. A touch of cynicism. Elodie Poux is finally: 18 audience prizes. 7 jury prizes. 8 miscellaneous prizes (but all just as important).
"As well as her fine scripts and clearly understood metaphors, Elodie Poux personifies her characters wonderfully well. "Le Soir - 27/05/16

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