Ensemble Artaserse

18/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

Philippe Jaroussky’s performances combine his smooth voice and dazzling technique with a profound musical awareness. He devotes his talents whole-heartedly to music, his only aim is to convey its expressive power. Last season, the renowned counter-tenor graced our stage to celebrate Bach and Telemann’s melodic genius. This season the French singer (accompanied by the Ensemble Artaserse) proposes a selection of arias by George Frideric Handel, the composers’ most famous contemporary. The operatic extracts are by turns passionate (“Rompo I lacci”, Flavio), deeply moving (“Ombra cara”, Radamisto) and heroic (“Se parla nel mio cor”, Giustino). Originally composed for London audiences, Caro Sassone’s works still form an infinitely beautiful repertoire.

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