Entre Deux Verres

10/11/2017 - 10/11/2017

"All these velvety conversations about wine create as much good humour as wine itself." B.PIVOT (Paris, January 2015)

What wine will you choose to accompany a wing of skate with lemon butter? When a Romanée Conti converses with an on-sale Bordeaux… Uncle Albert knocked backed three bottles of Sancerre at Chloé's communion. Own wine, organic, natural, with sulphates? Can one serve Champagne at a funeral? Have you ever tried a Château Laroze at the Astoria in New-York? A hot rosé in a horrible place at a failed barbecue? All this. For Pascale Vander Zypen and Christian Dalimier, at once the authors and fine actors at this show, wine is above all a symbol of complicity. Allying grape varieties from French literature with those of contemporary drama, alternating scenes of their vintage with texts by Colette and Baudelaire. A magnificent journey through perspective, combining vividness, friendliness, humour and... poetry!

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