Europa in de herfst

07/03/2018 - 08/03/2018

Europa in de herfst

 ‘To be scared or not to be scared, that’s the question!’ 

There is unrest in the world. The stream of refugees is spreading fear and panic. The multicultural project is under fire. Everywhere protectionism and nationalism are reappearing. Is the European Union on the verge of collapse? Or are we moving towards a new European project? Seven young actors with diverse backgrounds delve into current events and search for answers. By asking themselves and others questions. But also by performing. For where theory fails, acting can bring enlightenment.

Europa in de herfst is director Piet Arfeuille’s third production with a political theme for Theater Malpertuis (following Recht zal zijn wat ik zeg! and GAZ. Pleidooi van een gedoemde moeder). This time the subject of the performance is the foundation of democracy itself.

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