Experiment aquaponics in the classroom

Experiment aquaponics in the classroom

Your students will be introduced to aquaponics, an ecological, sustainable and innovative cultivation method, where water circulates in a closed circuit between the vegetable plant container and the fish pond or aquarium, thus presenting many advantages. They will have the opportunity to understand how aquaponics works, question themselves about environmental problems, plant, do water tests, observe fish, understand the nitrogen cycle, the water cycle, do games, quizzes on ecology, sustainable and local food ... The activities are adapted to the school level. Possible from kindergarden to the end of secondary cycle. The aquaponic garden can be our "Small Size" model or our "Medium Size" model. Several formulas are possible: - AquaponieBxl comes with a small indoor aquaponic garden for an animation of about 2 hours - AquaponieBxl comes with a small indoor aquaponic garden for an animation of about 2 hours and you rent the vegetable garden for a few months or the whole school year - Ditto but AquaponieBxl make several animations during the whole year - Either for the same class, or for different classes if the aquaponic garden is placed in a place accessible to several classes. - The school can buy the aquaponic vegetable garden - Possibility also of co-designing and co-building with the students an outdoor aquaponic vegetable garden that can remain in the school. - 'A la carte' animations also possible among a whole list of experiences that we do.

Themes :  Science 

Duration : 2 h

Language Spoken :  en,fr,nl 

Participants : une classe

Visit resources : 78 / 5000 Résultats de traduction An educational booklet on aquaponics will be given to students at the end of the activity

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