Face à face (Duo Laterna Magica)

14/10/2017 - 14/10/2017

The two musicians have chosen a meaningful thread which will be recognised by the young audience in relation to the pieces interpreted, evoking entertaining activities and adding an element of rhythm to their recreation. “1, 2, 3 piano”, “the musical chair” and some back-and-forth exchanges will give a musical response to further embellish their purpose.

Then, a change of scenery, an atmosphere that is sifted, canvases stretching to allow the impression of graceful Chinese shadows in dialogue with a Japanese melody mixed with songs of birds, the runoff of the rain, the quivering of the wind and the surge of thunder. Sophie Mulkers.

Works include those by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jacob van Eyck, Ernest H. Papier, Nathalie Houtman and Laura Pok, anonymous from the 14th century and improvisations on different recorders and other instruments.

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