Fake for Real


24/10/2020 - 28/10/2021

Fake for Real Fake for Real Fake for Real Fake for Real Fake for Real

Discover fakes and falsifications throughout history, from the time of antiquity, through medieval and modern history until the present era. Fakes have a long tradition in history, but each era has seen particular types of fakes flourish. Significantly, the human tendency to believe in certain fakes appears to be universal.

The exhibition begins with the ancient practice of removing people from official accounts ("Damnatio memoriae"), moving to forgeries in science, history and art, and culminating with “deep fakes” of the contemporary period and false information about the Covid pandemic.

Case studies are grouped in six themes around a dramatic, labyrinthine space. A rich selection of objects from prominent museums across 20 European countries awaits you.

Join a nuanced discussion on the understanding of truths and fakes and sharpen your awareness about the need for critical thinking. Uncover the historical circumstances that explain the appearance of fakes, the motives behind them, their impact and ultimate exposure.

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