Festival des Libertés


17/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

One can’t help but get a sense of chaos and confusion when confronted with the daily news. Raging, cries of anger, and apocalyptic events multiply, seem muted and the result is the destabilization of democratic benchmarks. The only responses to these events have been repression and control, a subversive use of disorder, or relativism and disengagement; reactions unlikely to meet the challenges of justice and emancipation.

True to its mandate, the Festival des Libertés invites us to question these findings on chaos and to evaluate the impact of these reflexive responses on rights and freedoms, democracy, equality, secularism and social cohesion. The Festival induces us to leave behind panic, powerlessness and gloom, and to use judgment to understand the complexity of our era and to update the adjudication of freedoms, solidarities, and power in a changing world.

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