Festival des Libertés - Camille

25/10/2017 - 25/10/2017

With her quirky vocals, the noises she creates with her mouth and breathing, her interlacing sounds and words, her candid lyrics and biting irony, Camille has created a genre all her own. Supercharged and super-gifted, unstable and ethereal, she moves from one album to the next and opens herself up to new fields of vibration. Five years after her last concert, the erudite singer-songwriter wanted to produce a protest album to ‘say no’, but shaken by the terrorist attacks, politics gave way to poetics and it is instead ‘yes’ that comes through. On her fifth album entitled Ouï, there is everything Camille wants to say, be, and become. Her lyrics focus on spurts of life and the flowing of milk, fertile seeds, and land. Around the central voice and soprano breaks, the original compositions were born from work on beats, giving way to percussions and rhythmic choruses. When the voice becomes body and body becomes sound, the spinning ballerina draws rhythm from traditional dances to anchor her roots. We wonder what this serene and indigo-tinged piece of art will look like on stage. One thing is certain: Camille will surprise us all.

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