Festival des Libertés - Disturbing the Peace

20/10/2017 - 20/10/2017

Israelis or Palestinians, they were born into and grew up in conflict. Ordinary citizens, soldiers or future martyrs, everything in their history forces them to see the Other solely as an enemy. However, one day they have an experience that will change their point of view. To call their destiny into doubt and give peace another chance, they take another path: dialogue and non-violence.

Suivi d’une rencontre (Fr/En) avec /gevolgd door een gesprek (Fr/En) met Marcina Hale (coproductrice du film), Jessika Devlieghere (co-directrice de l’école de cirque de Ramallah) et Nadia Farkh (Association Belgo-Palestinienne).
Partenaria(a)t : Association Belgo-Palestinienne, Présence et action culturelles

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