Festival des Libertés - Transitioning : Transgender Children

22/10/2017 - 22/10/2017

From their earliest memories, they have rejected the sexual identity that corresponds to their anatomy. These children and teenagers tell their stories without fear and with determination. They are the expression of a new generation that accepts their transgender identity from an early age. Their parents discuss their journey, accompanied by physicians and psychologists, in order to accept this transition.

Suivi d’une rencontre avec/ gevolgd door een gesprek (Fr) met Emmanuelle Bribosia et Isabelle Rorive (fondatrices de l’Equality Law Clinic et membres de STRIGES - ULB).
Partenaria(a)t: Structure de recherche interdisciplinaire sur le genre, l’égalité et la sexualité (STRIGES – ULB)

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