Fringe Series Festival ARTONOV

14/10/2017 - 14/10/2017

Pulse Constellation

Gabriel Schenker, choreographer and dancer

Pulse Constellations … a being racing into the future passes a being racing into the past, two footprints perpetually obliterating one another, toe to heel, heel, to toe. (Yeats, A Vision)

Pulse Constellations by Gabriel Schenker originated in John McGuire’s electronic composition Pulse Music III, dating back to 1978; a complex piece composed of various layers and born from a sound image of movements in space. The piece combines a variety of pulsations, tempos and melodies to form a sequence of 24 distinct but interdependent sections that fold into each other unexpectedly and abruptly. The quality of the sounds, the fullness of the composition and its constant and disturbing movement in space, bring a stellar and cosmic quality to work.

Musiques Théâtrales

Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet

Charline Potdevin, clarinet

Rémi Garcia, percussion

Looking to break the rules of a traditional classical concert, theatrical music mixes with subtle music, theatrical performance and dance in pieces of the 20th and 21st century for clarinets and percussion.

Le Silence du Sable

Maëlle Reymond, design, choreography, interpretation

Jérémy Chartier and Christophe Sartori, creating light, video and sound

Claire Hurpeau and Farid Ayelem Rahmouni, “regards complices”

Inspired by tales, Le Silence du Sable is a physical story. It is a game of transformations both fragile and resistant like a spider web. Once the human form is erased, it seems that all sorts of things can exist. Like a secret, disturbing and fascinating. Stand at the edges. Miraculously.

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