GAM - Musical Action Band -Songs and Melodies of Struggle and Love 1973-2017

18/11/2017 - 18/11/2017

In 1977 we wrote: "For four years now the path of song has led us from one struggle to another, throwing us ever forwards towards new challenges and new faces (….) The important thing was to live in the present and to deal with the day to day. Forty years later, to this duty we can add that of bearing the scars of a number of sadly forgotten struggles that we had the chance to experience first hand. With the great pleasure, as always, of picking up our instruments, our numbers, our songs, our comrades and friends. Thanks to the "Café de la rue" for giving us the chance to tell you our stories in words and music in friendly intimacy.

With Jean-Claude Salemi (guitar solo), Michel Gilbert (vocals and guitar), Martine Collin (vocals), Jacqueline Rosenfeld (violin), Karin La Meir (double bass and viola)

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