George Parker: The Fifth Element - Magic, Comedy, Stories, Music, Spirits

28/10/2017 - 28/10/2017

George Parker has more than 40 years of experience working with corporates and individuals. 40 years of experimenting and creating change by transforming reality. As a corporate alchemist, he's used to inspire and to motivate companies most valued resources (aka us, humans) and to help them transform their reality into something better. As George is mostly booked through private parties and company events, this is a rare and exclusive opportunity to experience the mix of insightful thinking and unforgettable magic a celebrated performing artist can bring you.

On Saturday October 28, George will hold 2 events to inspire you and to help you transform your reality:
- One of his famous and highly successful LectureShow©: Stop repeating your past. Start rehearsing your future !
- One of his many one-man magical theatershows: The Fifth Element

George will also hold a master class for magicians and magic enthusiast on Sunday October 29: the Alchemy of Presentation.
This master class is a powerful way to work on your own acts. George will direct you, teach you and help you moving your own acts and routines to the next level.

The agenda will be as follows:
Sat 16:00-18:00: LectureShow©: Stop repeating your past. Start rehearsing your future
Sat 20:00-22:00: Evening show: The Fifth Element
Sun 10:00-18:00: Master class for magicians and magic enthusiasts

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And what's the Big Day of Creation you ask ? Discover on how one day can help you transform your reality and get the results you want.

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