Gérard Weissenstein and Pascal Chardome

10/11/2017 - 10/11/2017

For over three years, Gérard Weissenstein (vocals) and Pascal Chardome (piano and guitar) have played a repertoire dedicated to Léo Ferré. With 40 or so concerts, "Autour de Leo" played Brussels (with a performance at the Atelier Marcel Hastir), Wallonia, France and Germany.

Today, at Atelier Hastir, with this first Chansons en Scène, they are expanding their goals. Here is a passionate journey—all-meandering, discovery and rediscovery—through French lyrical song, poetic song, emotive song. A bit of Nougaro, a few gems from Gainsbourg, a Ferré-Aragon sequence, Claude Semal, the too little-known Gilbert Lafaille, an escape to British music with a Marianne Faithful adaptation, creations penned by Pascal Chardome and Gérard Weissentein. And then, to put the cherry on the cake, a German version of Avec le Temps: Doch mit der Zeit.

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