Glitch - Florencia Demestri & Samuel Lefeuvre


16/06/2021 - 17/06/2021

Glitch - Florencia Demestri & Samuel Lefeuvre :: © Laetitia Bica

“Glitch”: a malfunction or short interruption in the playback of a computer file that produces visual or audio mishaps.

The phenomenon has appealed to Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre who, together since 2012, have placed the notion of ‘strangeness’ at the root of their work. Technology, which has become omnipresent, but also cinema, special effects, video games, feed our futuristic imaginations and modify our perception of reality. Inspired by these influences, the two creators started decoding an aesthetics of error, using the tools applied by the "glitch artists" to try to break new ground: how to move, beyond the objective and the intention, towards the unpredictable and the unexpected and bring about creative anomalies, aesthetic accidents and, paradoxically, flashes of humanity.

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