Graphic 58


23/03/2018 - 13/01/2019

Graphic 58 :: © © Atelier de l’Imagier - Collection Loterie Nationale Graphic 58 :: © © Archives de la Ville De Bruxelles Graphic 58 :: © C. Licoppe

Held at the dawn of the “Golden Sixties”, Expo 58 was the first international event to take place following the Second World War. A celebration of peace regained, humanism and modernity, Expo 58 caught the public imagination and has held a place in the collective memory of the Belgian people ever since.

Three exhibitions, organised by ATOMIUM-EXPO, take place especially to celebrate this 60th birthday within our walls : Podium 58, Graphic 58 and People of 58!

With Graphic 58, the ADAM revisits the innovative visual world of Expo 58, focusing on its key elements : its forms, colours and textures, and their impact on creativity in design. In fact, these even gave rise to an « Expo Style ».

Graphic designers : Raymond Loewy, Paul Haesaerts, Lucien De Roeck, Jacques Richez, Reginald Mount, Richard Roth, Julian Key, Dan Reisinger, Raymond Peynet, Marie Marcks, Saul Steinberg

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