Guided tour of the Aquarium of Brussels

From biology to chemistry, environment to geography... all of them can find material to fill their courses. A short film before the tour shows the main concepts of the biology of the fish. 48 aquariums with small species (fish, amphibians, invertebrates), will take you on an extraordinary journey across continents and warm seas. These different populations are a reflection of our biodiversity. The way of living, the habitats, the behaviour, and the physiology... educational themes which are illustrated here: secondary material at its best! The Aquarium of Brussels is also a conservation society for endangered to extinct species. Themes : - Aquatic habitats - Biology of fish and amphibians - How animals adapt to their environment - Defense mechanisms - Diets and the food chain - Sexual dimporphism, differents types of fertilisation and reproduction - Coral, starfish, sea urchins - Sexual and asexual reproduction - Molluscs: snails and bivalves Visits can be adapted to suit teachers' needs

Themes :  Science - Attraction 

Duration : between 1h30 and 2h

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Participants : Max. 45 participants

Visit resources : No educational pack available

Picknick : Coin pique-nique disponible sur réservation

Additional information : Guides are free for school groups. 1 accompanying adult per group of 10 pupils.

For secondary school children: from biology to chemistry, from the environment to geography... all pupils will find something to complement their classes.
Mores, habitats, behaviour, physiologies... educational themes that are illustrated here: from lessons to something concrete!

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