Haring - Avondlicht - Les Nuits 2020


09/10/2020 - 09/10/2020

Haring - Avondlicht - Les Nuits 2020 Haring - Avondlicht - Les Nuits 2020

Haring’s universe seems boundless. This is because the Belgian producer’s stateless electro took shape in a cross-border town with a family tree rooted in Oran. Released via Soundcloud, Haring’s first tracks weave connections between electronic matter and organic substances. In 2014, Yann Attia writes a track called ‘Us’. It carries a powerful emotional charge, a fascinating feel leaving no one indifferent. At the crossroads of house, IDM and techno tinged with melancholy, the track wins the favours of music-lovers and sells beyond any expectation. In 2015, he releases four new tracks in an EP entitled ‘Late Night Dream’. At the end of the night, the producer fantasises about other horizons and dreams of new places. This is how he leaves Brussels and settles his machines in Istanbul for a few months. On the banks of the Black Sea, he tinkers the bewitching melody of ‘Bozkurt Cad.'. A direct reference to his new address (Grey Wolf street) and to the neighbouring shops, this track vibrates to the rhythm of the Bosphorus and its nocturnal life. An electronic dreamy stroll, ‘Bozkurt Cad.’ opens the way to a first album, a marathon-like and itinerant effort. An appeasing but always danceable journey, ‘In Spaces’ slips minimal techno into cotton wool and gets house to bounce of mellifluous and atmospheric waves. Body and soul of the City Tracks label, Haring now pursues his mutation and makes discover his favorite tunes in his DJ residencies at Kiosk Radio & Pure FM. Haring will release his second album in spring 2020.


Avondlicht is the brainchild of Antwerpian electronic musician and producer Matthias Dziwak. His ever emotive sound - dark and broken, yet soothing - floats within a wide spectrum of musical genres, ranging from breaks-influenced dance music and contemporary classical to post-rock, ambient and experimental electronica. His releases have been well received over the last couple of years and invariably followed by a string of live performances; a vigorous collaboration with friend and fellow musician Willem Schonenberg on drums and percussion.

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