HelloGoodbye - de KOE

20/12/2017 - 21/12/2017

Because nobody stays
De KOE has unfinished business with the in-between. The things that the company explicitly attempted to find in Beckett Boulevard are precisely the things they try to avoid in HelloGoodbye. They perform a selection of arrival and departure scenes from Russian and Western literature, and supplement them with their own texts. The result is a comedy without an in-between: a space where squaring begins and ends with departing people who are arriving and arriving people who are departing. Eight actors perform 35 characters who enter and leave in a symbiosis of welcoming and parting ceremonies. Because nobody stays.
"Are we only relieved to arrive somewhere because we were able to leave from somewhere else? What is the past that we take with us, and what baggage do we leave behind?  How long can a greeting take before it is no longer a greeting and just a conversation? And how long can a farewell take before we feel as though we are not going anywhere?"
• After the première at the Kaaistudios in 2016, de KOE was hailed for Beckett Boulevard. The production was promptly selected for the TheaterFestival. Later this season, you can also see one of the leadings members of the company in Atelier, a poly-co-production by de KOE, tg STAN and Maatschappij Discordia. Willem de Wolf will appear again in IN KOOR!, alongside Myriam Van Imschoot.
‘Deceptively simple statements about nothing in particular become staggeringly profound in Beckett Boulevard.’ – De Standaard on Beckett Boulevard

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