Hemicycle visit

Hemicycle visit

Visit the Hemicycle at your own pace with a multimedia guide and learn how the European Parliament works. Visits with multimedia guides are available in the 24 official languages of the EU and last around 60 minutes. During your visit to the Hemicycle you will also have the opportunity to discover the ‘United in diversity art exhibition’ which is part of the European Parliament’s art collection with art works from all Member States.

Themes :  Citizenship - Art - Languages - Brussels - Europe 

Duration : 1hour

Language Spoken :  bulgare;croate;tchèque;danois;néerlandais;anglais;estonien;finnois;français;allemand;grec;hongrois;irlandais;italien;letton;lituanien;maltais;polonais;portugais;roumain;slovaque;slovène;espagnol;suédois; 

Participants : -

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Additional information : https://brussels-hemicycle.booking.europarl.europa.eu/

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