Hyphen - Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts


05/03/2021 - 06/03/2021

Hyphen - Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts :: © Femke den Hollander

Contrabassist-composer Nicolas Rombouts and dancer-choreographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde met in 2015, when they were invited to present a public improvisation together. At the time, this revealed a special synergy, based on the integrity of the relationship that both maintain with their "instrument," which allow them to stay as close to themselves as possible.

In Hyphen, dance and music are equal, the two physical presences are balanced. For Nicolas Rombouts, the music is a composition of the moment, for Charlotte Vanden Eynde, dancing is thinking. Like the two hemispheres of a single brain, they can improvise and think together, while functioning autonomously.

They seek a tipping point in which the music becomes movement and the movement music, and thus test boundaries and their transgression by inviting the public to join them at that point.

Possibility to buy a combi-ticket with the show Loop Affect or UNDIVIDED.

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