In the footsteps of Jacques Brel, when Brussels Brusselled

In the footsteps of Jacques Brel, when Brussels Brusselled

The starting point of this guided tour is a song by Jacques Brel about Brussels. This is a rather unusual tour in which poetry gives an unexpected, luminous and, at times, tragic perspective of the city, its inhabitants, its development, its elegant and popular neighbourhoods. Join the walk, marked by the contrasts and harmonies of poetry and music, through the neighbourhood where Brel grew up and went to school, from the walk to the theatre with a stop at the Brel Foundation and at the cafés where Brel and his friends met.

Guided Tour Themes :  Off the beaten track 

Duration : 2.30 hours

Language Spoken :  Chinese - Dutch - English - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 25 people

Additional information : Ideally the visit takes place in the presence of a singer. The price does not include the singer (€195), or Sabam fees (€50). In addition, Itinéraires proposes the following services: transport coordination, tickets to museums, meals and drinks. Please note: for guides in Greek, Turkish, Danish, Chinese and Japanese, there is a surcharge of €35.

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