Inequality, the world's future?


10/10/2019 - 17/11/2019

Inequality, the world's future? :: © Johnny Miller

As part of the ‘Fortnight of International Solidarity’ organised by the city of Brussels, Géopolis will dedicate an exhibition to worldwide inequality. On the basis of various indicators, the exhibition addresses this issue from an socioeconomic, as well as from a territorial, educational and gender point of view. What are the causes of these inequalities and how do they affect people's daily lives?

How does inequality evolve within Europe and beyond? Which regions can be defined as "less unequal" and why? This exhibition aims to provide an answer to these questions.

2 exhibitions:
●Johnny Miller – Unequal Scenes
Unequal Scenes uses a drone to illustrate the inscribed history of our world in a new way. The scars within our urban fabric, so apparent from above, can provoke a sense of surprise…But also reveal our complicity in systematic disenfranchisement.

●Michele Spatari – Rising Water
Rising Water is a multimedia documentary project on the role of public showers in the fight for housing in Turin. While being a needed service, the very existence of these public showers shows the breakdown of our society: the failure of the right to a decent accommodation.

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