Inside the head of Charel Cambré


23/06/2021 - 15/11/2021

Welcome to the mind of Charel Cambré, winner of the 2020 Bronzen Adhemar and known for comic book series such as Amoras,Spirou, Jump, Filip & Mathilde, Pinanti United, Spike and Suzy (Junior), Heden Verse Vis etc. The list is almost endless, as is the stream of ideas that seems to flow from his brain every day. This exhibition attempts to give an overview of his fast-paced career, and focuses on the skill that the Belgian demonstrates in each case.

This exhibition does not claim to be exhaustive, as this is impossible in Cambré's case. By the time you read this, chances are he has already started a new comic book series, drawn five cartoons and walked his dog. There is no rest in Charel Cambré's head. His motto: "Don't hesitate, just do it!”

Curator: Kurt Morissens

An exhibition of the Comics Art Museum in collaboration with

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