Interactive exhibition of videogames : GAMES AND POLITICS


11/01/2019 - 23/02/2019

Videogames are now one of the leading cultural industries worldwide. In the early 2000s, videogame turnover outstripped the cinema industry. However, videogames are only rarely featured by cultural institutions; their «fun» nature often prevents them from being regarded as having any artistic merit.
Of course, the medium has evolved significantly. In the last twenty years, we have seen, among others, the development of ‘serious games’; which aim to be educational, thought-provoking,
political, even. Taking advantage of their interactive potential, and the possibility of experiencing another reality, these games tackle complex contemporary questions, whether they are asked by individuals or collectively. What would you do as a soldier in charge of a border crossing (Papers, Please)? Are you capable of leading a nation (Democracy 3)? Would you dare to come out to your parents or friends (Coming Out Simulator)? How would you survive as a civilian in a war zone (This War of Mine)?

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