Intersections/5. Domestic Tales

06/06/2018 - 04/11/2018

Exhibition in cooperation with Wallonia-Brussels Design-Mode (WBDM) as part of the biennale in contemporary design of the ADAM. ‘Domestic Tales’ invites to look at design in a different way, hustling the dichotomy between subject and object. A tale for children, which, thanks to an open staging and interactive animations, explains the importance of design and its cultural value. But above all, an experience that allows us to better understand the objects that surround us, in our homes and in our cities, which, as the characters in a story, have meaning and give meaning to life.

This exhibition is a tribute to life, ours and that of the design objects: everyday interfaces, custodians of valuable legacies of the past, social and aesthetic experiences, production models and sustainable products, vectors of innovative scenarios for a better future.

Practical information