Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin feat. Manu Katché

13/09/2017 - 13/09/2017

Originally a piano and a guitar and a first album engendered by an unexpected encounter (“Vivre”, 2005). A space where genres intersect in ways that defy definition to breathe life into warm harmonies and deeply lyrical melodies. A sound was born.
Passionate about writing, Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin compose chiselled lines that accommodate the jazz universe of the pianist and the unclassifiable style of the guitarist.
Their desire to further pursue this adventure motivated them to record a new album 10 years later, this time with Manu Katché, Richard Bona, Olivier Ker Ourio and Bert Joris.
“Catharsis” is the result of their collaboration with these celebrated artists.

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