18/03/2020 - 22/03/2020


In the mid-1970s, the New York exchange system is brutally disrupted, or at least thoroughly shaken, when a new player stormed onto the market. JR Vansandt is smart, ruthless and… barely eleven years old. Devoid of any moral sense and concealed behind a small army of frontmen, lawyers and spin doctors, this brat gets his invisible claws into Wall Street and wreaks real havoc among his competitors, the stock market in general, the American and global political system, and also people who have nothing to do with the business at all. He would have been Warren Buffet’s worst nightmare, if he had really existed.

Willian Gaddis is considered one of the most influential writers in postmodern American literature. JR is his experimental magnum opus and is a complex and occasionally hilarious satire on capitalism. This novel provides the basis for FC Bergmans’ play about people who are too fragile for the environment they find themselves in. People who fruitlessly try to give shape to their lives, becoming unable to distinguish the important from the insignificant, and overreach themselves in their race with eternity.

The FC Bergman production is grand in every sense, with 15 actors including Marie Vinck, Gene Bervoets, Frank Focketeyn, Oscar Van Rompaey, Kes Bakker, Stijn Van Opstal, Anne-Laure Vandeputte and KVS faces Michael De Cock, Junior Mthombeni and Rashif El Kaoui, plus 21 extras (including 7 children), 2 camera operators, 11 technicians, 27 crew members taking care of production, set, costumes, catering, … The set takes the lead part: JR is set in a towering, 14-metre-high building which features 25 different locations, 8 beamers, 700 props, half a kilometre  of trusses, 300 square meters of wall, five square kilometers of theatre drapes, and one limo.

JR, the highly successful production by FC Bergman and Toneelhuis, in coproduction with NTGent and KVS, is coming to Brussels in 2020. After countless amply praised performances, KVS, Kaaitheater, CC Westrand, CC Strombeek, CC De Factorij, La Monnaie and Théâtre National have joined forces for you: we are bringing JR to Paleis 12 in Brussels.


No tickets left via our site? Check the websites of Kaaitheater, CC Westrand, CC Strombeek or CC De Factorij!

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