JRSLM — Paradise Lost Again


17/10/2019 - 14/12/2019

The more we progress through a still young 21st century, the more we become aware of a huge paradox that the 20th century was unable to resolve: on the one hand our societies became almost unbearably rational, with codes and checks, goals and threats as a daily burden, whereas the news are filled day after day with messages of religious pressure and intolerance, with conflicts conducted in the name of all kinds of beliefs and religions; the last brand being populism and fake news.

JRSLM tries to investigate why that is the case.

The bottom-line is, that all the knowledge available on our campus brought together, will never be enough to determine what will make a human being truly free, and strong enough to face those challenges. It might well be, that in order to understand how individual freedom works, we need notions of mysticism that unavoidably come with a bright and a dark side as it always has been, and the key might well be not seeking to control it all …

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