Jazz 100: Colin Stetson 'All This I Do For Glory'

13/04/2018 - 13/04/2018

The very first jazz album was released 100 years ago: The Original Dixieland Jass Band with ‘Livery Stable Blues’. That’s why AB will be paying extra attention to jazz for a year. From contemporary classics to musical troublemakers who are inspired by jazz, to the latest incredibly headstrong jazz generation from local soil.


Saxophonist Colin Stetson is a master in circular breathing and the manner in which he plays tenor sax also reminds one of (free jazz) grandmasters like Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann and Anthony Braxton. You can safely say that his résumé is outright impressive: he has already played with or is to be heard on albums by Feist, Bon Iver, Tom Waits, TV On The Radio, David Byrne, LCD Soundsytem and The National. Stetson was also a part of the live bands of Arcade Fire and Bon Iver.


Adolph Sax, jazz, metal, circular breathing, minimalism and musical adventure.


Drowned in Sound: ‘Colin Stetson is matchless, his record glorious, and you’ll likely never experience silence as dramatically as the moment when ‘All This I do for Glory’ concludes.’


Colin Stetson already appeared aside Bon Iver in AB (in ‘11), but he also easily filled an AB Club on his own merit in ’11, ’12 and ’14.


Kurt Overbergh: ‘Concerten van Colin Stetson laten je sprakeloos achter.’


Colin Stetson about his sax: ‘It’s been around the world, has touched the sand of the Sahara and has played for over a million people.’

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