Jolente De Maeyer & Nikolaas Kende


12/11/2021 - 12/11/2021

Jolente De Maeyer & Nikolaas Kende :: © Henk Van Rensbergen Jolente De Maeyer & Nikolaas Kende

“My discovery of the past made my late works possible. It was about looking at the past, but also a looking at oneself in the mirror”, wrote Igor Stravinsky about his ballet Pulcinella, his first neoclassical work from which he derived his Suite italienne. The confrontation with the past opened up a whole new world for him. The same applies to the music of Auerbach and Schubert on the new album Fantasy by Jolente De Maeyer and Nikolaas Kende, which you can discover this afternoon (echt?) in Flagey.


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