06/09/2017 - 06/09/2017

Tim Finoulst has created a furore recently as one of a new generation of jazz guitarists in Belgium, performing not only with his trio but also as sideman with the Carlo Nardozza-Nico Schepers Delirium Quintet, the Jelle Van Giel Group, the Marjan Van Rompay Group and others.  For his concert at the BOZAR Café Victor during the Brussels Jazz Weekend, he will invite Bert Joris to join him on stage.  With his lyrical playing and poetic compositions that have long since won him acclaim in the international jazz world, Joris is the perfect match for Tim's music.  Accompanying them with his melodic bass lines will be Martijn Vanbuel. The trio will be performing compositions by  Bert Joris, in what has almost become a standard repertoire, as well as music written by Tim and Martijn.  Are you ready for an evening of jazz at its most lyrical and intimate?

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