Josaphat Park, my love, or the history of a valley at your feet


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Your feet, ears, hands, eyes and even your tongue will be called upon to explore, whether or not for the first time, a park that’s rich in surprises. Five workshops await you for a gently fun exploration of the former Josaphat Valley.


Step into history
Board the horse-bus to explore Josaphat Park and Avenue Louis Bertrand/Louis Bertrandlaan guided by the draught horses and the words of your hosts.
Suitable for all, including children from 5 years of age (must be accompanied by an adult).
Saturday and Sunday: 10h00, 11h15, 12h30, 13h30, 14h45, 16h00, 17h15 (duration: 45 minutes)
starting point: in front of the kiosk
Please note that bookings are essential. E-mail Up to 20 people per tour.

Whispering trees
Come and listen to the park’s remarkable trees as they whisper their ancient adventures in your ear…
Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 to 18h00
A plan of the installations can be obtained at the kiosk

Would you like to take a stroll with your head turned down or looking high up into the canopy? A multitude of quirky sensory activities await you in order to explore the park through a pair of binoculars or with your hands. Giggles and new sensations guaranteed!
Saturday and Sunday all day
starting point: in front of the kiosk

Life drawing
Six get-togethers in different locations in the park to create a collective travel journal from the multitude of perspectives on offer in this landscaped garden. Pencils and paint at the ready!
Saturday and Sunday: 10h30, 13h30 and 16h00
starting point: in front of the kiosk

A postcard from Schaerbeek
Send your postcard with a kiss and a thought. The park’s greenhouses will show you their true colours, dressed to the nines to take your photograph in a vintage style.
Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 to 13h00 and from 14h00 to 18h00
Where: in the greenhouses, boulevard Lambermont/Lambermontlaan 411

In cooperation with Patrimoine à Roulettes and the municipality of Schaerbeek.

Practical information

    • parc Josaphat
    • 1030 Brussels