Julien Carlier

08/09/2017 - 08/09/2017

Choreography : Julien Carlier - Dance : Fanny Brouyaux, Davide Zazzera, Arthur Pedros, Julien Carlier - Music : Simon Carlier - Text : Thibaut Nève - Scenography : Justine Bougerol - Costumes : Marine Stevens - Lighting : Julien Soumillon - Artistic advisors : Karine Ponties, Jean-Michel Frère Julien Carlier began his dance career as a b-boy and participated in various breakdance competitions. In 2008 he started dancing with the company No Way Back, and this marked the beginning of his professional career. In 2012 he devised his very first show, along with b-boy and choreographer Yassin Mrabfiti.  Hip-hop remains the point of departure for his style as a choreographer, but Carlier also draws inspiration from contemporary dance and even Butoh.In Déjà-vu he focuses on the labyrinth in all its forms. The mental maze in our head, or the disorienting physical world in which we wander. Four dancers amble along, cross paths, and continue on their way. Déjà-vu is about choices, about the passing of time which holds us in its grip, and about sometimes feeling like you are getting lost in your own story.   

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