21/03/2020 - 22/03/2020

Juventud Juventud Juventud

Through the unique use of ‘juggling-dance’, Juventud is an ode to physical freedom.

The performers are inhabited by a spirit of freedom, of utopia. In Juventud, beauty doesn’t come from a perfectly executed movement, but from the off-the-wall complexity of the figures drawn by a group in constant movement and acceleration. 

Juventud celebrates speed and changes through constant mutation. Objects fly between artists in an endless race where one can make mistakes at every turn : ball drops, end games, immobility, timeouts. 

This piece needs performer to master the most masterful skills : a miraculous instinct, a genius perception of what’s to come. The artists have let go of their relationship with ‘their’ jugging clubs, they share them with the other performers, opening new alleyways and take responsibility for their own destiny : the end of the game or its indefinite renewal. 

A formidable cure for eternal youth !

J > 15 : 14 / 9 €
J< 15 : 18 / 12 €

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