Kristian Bezuidenhout & VOCES8 & BEvocaL


15/01/2021 - 15/01/2021

Kristian Bezuidenhout & VOCES8 & BEvocaL :: © Voces8 © Kaupo Kikkas

BOZAR likes bringing artists together. Our annual choral festival Singing Brussels led to a rich collaboration between the Belgian National Youth Choir BEvocaL and the famous British ensemble VOCES8. This season, the two ensembles are united on stage, accompanied by pianist Kristian Bezuidenhout, who revealed his many talents during his residency last season. In this concert, the musicians will deliver an enthusiastic rendition of a version of Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy for choir, solo singers and piano. Join this musical celebration where the luminous verses of poet Christoph Kuffner will resound in harmony: “Accept then, oh you beautiful spirits, Joyously of the gifts of art. When love and strength are united, The favour of God rewards Man.”

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