L'Errance de l'hippocampe


16/11/2021 - 27/11/2021

L'Errance de l'hippocampe :: © © Véronique Vercheval

The place looks like a hotel. Four characters are stuck in this singular space-time. Are they dreaming? lost in limbo? on a theatre stage? Or in a brain that may be living its last moments? 

The theatre is probably the perfect place to represent the activity of a brain. After L’Herbe de l’oubli (Best show at the 2018 Maeterlinck Awards), Jean-Michel d´Hoop and Cie Point Zéro focus on memory. From the intimate to the universal, memory in all its subjectivity participates in the construction of human identity, tracing our history, our uniqueness. 

A show that unites theatre, music, dance and movement, where puppets and masks amplify the scenic language, L’Errance de l’hippocampe will explore the fragile, deep and secret areas of memory and will work on the murky place where it approaches the oneiric. An invitation to embark on a visual, sensitive and emotional path; to one’s personal image of the invisible; to discover other prisms of reality.

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