La Bombe Humaine


23/02/2021 - 05/03/2021

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Melting sea ice, the acidification of the oceans, the extinction of fauna and flora…One word expresses the impact of humankind on the earthly ecosystem: anthropocene. The era of human activity which under the yoke of capitalism, ransacks the riches of our planet.

With La Bombe Humaine, Vincent Hennebicq puts the global climatic disruption front and center. He takes on the full complexity of the subject, including the inconsistencies. To be true to its mission should not the creation of this work be done with “clean” research? No travelling to find information, no ordering on Amazon? Not so easy.

To meet the challenge Vincent Hennebicq made Eline Schumacher aware of his approach, but that’s where the project changed tracks. A serendipitous misunderstanding crept into the understanding of the project’s intentions as Vincent was looking to meet the learned and the experts while Eline understood that they would be seeking out regular folk. And so the project widened its scope. Vincent and Eline met with scientists, anthropologists and psychologists, but also a number of people living alternative lifestyles. The result was two podcasts which are the keystone of the show. Concomitantly to this testimony a spotlight will shine on the personal upheavals in the lives of the two creators, an incongruous juxtaposition of intimacy with faltering humanity.

As to the public, should they remain just spectators? We’re not sure Vincent and Eline will leave it at that.

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