La fée sorcière with the Belgian National Orchestra


08/03/2021 - 30/06/2021

La fée sorcière with the Belgian National Orchestra :: © Carll Cneut

Boring! That’s what Rozemarijn the fairy thinks of fairies in pink frocks with puny magic wands. She prefers to get messy and mucky, and would much rather be a witch. Rozemarijn gets up to all sorts of witchy antics to make her point and persuade her mother: together with your pupils she jumps, claps, shouts and sings along with the symphonic melodies of the Belgian National Orchestra.
Thanks to a remote video formula, your pupils can discover in class the story of the Fiary Rozemarijn based on the book "La fée sorcière" by Brigitte Minne and Carll Cneut and narrated by the actress Violet Braeckman. The story is accompanied by the enchanting melodies of Edward Elgar, played by the musicians of the Belgian National Orchestra against the backdrop of beautiful illustrations by Carll Cneut.

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