Las Lloronas (Music For Crying Souls)


30/10/2019 - 30/10/2019

Las Lloronas (Music For Crying Souls)


Sura Solomon (BE, USA) and Amber in ‘t Veld (ES, NL) have grown together into Las Lloronas (The Criers ) in the wintery streets of Brussels in December 2017. Through the experience of busking, in a few weeks they put together a set that meets lots of enthusiasm. Inspired by musicians such as Lhasa de Sela, Noname, Billy Holiday, Devendra Banhart, and influenced by different world folks and bluesy songs, Las Lloronas started to compose their own tunes. Their music, accordion, guitar, ukulele and voices, reflects their experiences, giving birth to intimate feminist poetry. They put forth, in their melodies and performance, their vulnerable and powerful authenticity.

In May 2018, they record their first EP titled ‘Take Space’. While continuing to take on the empowering challenge of busking, the duo gets offers to play in many living rooms of Brussels, various venues and small festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands (Le Lac, atelier 210, de Rinck...). In September 2018, they get the opportunity to open the stage for the well-known Argentinian band Perota Chingo, in Amsterdam and Brussels, which allows them to play at Théâtre Molière, bringing them visibility and a lot of inspiration and support.

Since then, they toured in France and Spain, featured on a TV reportage of BRUZZ. They also released some studio videos to showcase their new songs with their extended band (bass, percussion and saxophone). In February 2019, they were invited at the RTBF radio programme ‘Le monde est un village‘. On the 8th of March International Women's day, Las Lloronas played on the main stage of the demonstration in Brussels and organized the musical program of this day. Among other projects, they also worked for the youth organization Gigos Creatief in Genk, empowering youth to compose and perform their own music. They worked on a concert-performance in Belgium and Germany with the project Santai Creatures and are currently working on a collaboration with the Belgian DJ and producer Pole Folder. Both Sura and Amber are predominantly autodidact musicians, gaining experiences through playing in other formations, and by following a few workshops with for example Tuur Florizone (jazz) and Aurel Budisteanu (Romanian music). Recently they also started to dive into the basics of production and live mixing to widen their musical horizons and tools. But before starting their musical careers, Sura and Amber studied Sociology, Politics and Art, which feeds the depths of their compositions today.

In the upcoming months, they will be playing in venues and events such as Le Cercle des voyageurs, le Barlok, le Crix cafe, Forest Sounds festival, Platzhirsch festival (DE). Looking back at how this project has evolved in just a year and a half time, they are enthusiastic and determined to let their voices be heard.

Abismo - Las Lloronas (adaptation of Lhasa de Sela)
Flood - Las Lloronas

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