Le grand saut


19/10/2021 - 20/10/2021

Le grand saut

Who dares to jump?
Disobedience isn’t part of our instincts. The fear for the unknown and the absence of alternatives lock us into boxes we can’t escape.

Robinson and Vendredi are condemned to wander around in the innards of the world. All alone, underneath the world of “the self-righteous”, without the possibility to return. Robinson has been living there for a long time already. His house: a deserted island. Vendredi wants to reclaim his spot in “the world from above”, but with every attempt to escape, he arrives back where he started. Together they will have to face the unknown.

The collective “Le Grand Saut’ connects popular theater with the poetic. They create a wordless and musical dream world where “la magie nouvelle” opens a whole new perspective on stage.

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