Les Vies en soi


20/03/2020 - 03/04/2020

Les Vies en soi :: © ©Yves Gabriel

Sitting at his table, the story teller turns the pages of his intimate sagas. In the manner of the Japanese benshi – narrators of silent movies – he manipulates objects, projects images, illustrates his stories of encounters and of his interior journeys.

A visual artist whose fame crosses borders, Patrick Corillon has created for himself a unique form of fiction by weaving together traditional oral narration forms (benshi, kamishibai, cantastories, etc). His journey-stories full of surprises, fed with anecdotes of his life, of his childhood, invite the spectator to open up to new reflections, starting at the tangible to soar towards the philosophic and the universal.

An artist to (re)discover during five performances:

La Rivière bien nommée

Le Benshi d'Angers

L'Appartement à trous

Les Images flottantes

Le Zéro absolu