Lip-smacking Brussels


Ingredients: Brussels sprouts and endives, stoemp, mussels and sea snails, choesels and bloempanch, plattekeis (cheese) with ramonache (horseradish), lambic and gueuze, pralines and chocolate, pain à la grecque, waffles, smoutebollen and carabitjes…  Preparation: heat the ingredients in a history stock seasoned with a pinch of tradition and a zest of folklore, keep an eye on the cooking, season with a few salty anecdotes and taste. The tour includes a drink and several sweet & salty tastings (not included in the price).

Guided Tour Themes :  Gastronomy 

Duration : 2.30 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - German - Spanish - Swedish 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 25 people

Additional information : the pric does not include tastings. Plan on € 10 per person.

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