Live Magazine


08/12/2020 - 08/12/2020

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Live Magazine is a living newspaper. A unique event at which journalists, photographers, cartoonists, producers line up on stage to tell one story each, in words, sounds and images. Stories that are intimate and global, of profound importance to those who tell them, unforgettable to those who hear them. The contents are not known in advance. You have to live in the moment... to be part of it or not!• 'Instead of turning pages, you watch a show.' CANAL +• 'You leave with your mind full of fascinating stories, engraved in your memory.' AFP • 'Tales of gangsters, of meetings, of love: a different take on the news.' FRANCE INTER• 'An emotion that overwhelms the audience without warning.' LE MONDE• 'A huge success.' LES ÉCHOS• 'Brilliant.' ELLE• 'In a living newspaper, you can hear yourself breathe.' LE SOIR

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