23/03/2018 - 23/03/2018

Lucibela :: © Lucibela © GR-DR

"Lucibela has the gift to make people love her country through her songs" RFIThe Cape Verde native Lucibela cut her teeth in international hotels, where she performed the works of some of the greatest Cape Verdean singers, such as Cesaria Evora, whom she accompanied on tour, and the guitarist Kaku Alves. The icon of Cape Verdean songwriting has had a lot of influence on her and when she started to sing in Lisbon, Lucibela was inevitably compared to her idol by Portuguese journalists. Having caused a sensation at the famous Atlantic Music Expo in Praia, the annual gathering of world music specialists, Lucibela is more determined than ever to live up to the work of Cesaria Evora: to introduce people around the world to the moving beauty of the morna and the coladeira as well as other musical styles from Cape Verde. 

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