Majakovski/Oktober - De Warme Winkel

24/10/2017 - 25/10/2017

Elegy of revolution
In their ‘oeuvre pieces’, the creators at De Warme Winkel throw the work, life, and zeitgeist of an artist onto the canvas of the present. A century after the October Revolution, they are turning to the most important Russian literary futurist: Vladimir Mayakovski. He lived in an age in which politics did not solely consist of media theatrics and backroom deals. Love was politics, and art a political act. The parallels between the people who overthrew the elites in Russia at that time and the West today are indisputable – but the differences are likewise immense. Indeed, where are the fists, the renewal, the hunger, the futuristic and merciless conviction, and the great heart of Mayakovski? Expect an elegy of revolution and protest!
• De Warme Winkel performs militant, energetic productions – raw and bursting with history. Over the past few years, they have appeared several times on the Kaaitheater stage, including in Gavrilo Princip, Rainer Maria, Villa Europa, Amadeus and recently De Warme Winkel speelt De Warme Winkel.
FUCK THE ELITE.They have sold off our country!Art for the people.
REVOLUTION.The common man has been betrayed.Down with the fat cats.Down with the out of touch backroom network that has forgotten the people.Everything needs to change!Make Russia great again.

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