Manon Lepomme - 'Non, je n’irai pas chez le psy !'

25/11/2017 - 25/11/2017

Manon will not go to the psychotherapist! Why should she?
Because she falls in love with a stranger on the bus?
Because she thinks that a meal out isn't a gift in the strict sense?
Because she cries with joy at paralympic ceremonies?
With her grand-parents with Alzheimer's, her desire not to talk about politics and her old job as a teacher, Manon lives in a completely normal world—her own!
After the enormous success of her first show (over 200 performances all over Belgium, France and Switzerland), Manon will surprise you with this much more personal one-woman show. You knew she was effervescent and crazy! Here you will find her tender and anxious, but just as funny!

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