Marolles and Sablon, so many nice stories

Marolles and Sablon, so many nice stories

Your passionate and experienced guide invites you to discover typical Brussels districts: Marolles and Sablon.. The Marolles undoubtedly offers one of the most surprising glimpses of Brussels. An integral part of Brussels' heritage, this district extends along a maze of narrow streets and picturesque impasses. Its inhabitants live in simplicity and popular fervour. The soul of Pieter Breughel the Elder is omnipresent. The visit continues with a walk around the Sablon (sand hill) to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. All around this masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture, the church of Notre Dame du Sablon (visit inside and out), are alleys and passages full of charm and mystery. The master chocolate makers reign supreme here.

Guided Tour Themes :  Neighbourhoods 

Duration : 3.00 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 20 people

Additional information : The visit can be adapted and for example focus on one of the 2 districts: either Sablon or Marolles.

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