14/02/2018 - 17/02/2018

Why is it that the most avidly read parts of a newspaper are the horrific human- interest stories, which we read with furtive pleasure and with a morbid obsession, as voyeurs of other people’s suffering? This is one of the questions that occurred to the LOD composer Daan Janssens when he read Menuet, a short novel by Louis Paul Boon. In this classic work, a workman, his wife, and their maid become entangled in a love triangle. Together with the actor and director Fabrice Murgia, who is artistic director of the Théâtre National, Janssens creates a disturbing ‘domestic tragedy’ told from the point of view of the three characters. Three portraits of lonely people, ‘strangers to each other’, who hover between
the normal and the abnormal, between speaking and not speaking, between seeing and not seeing – offering a threefold view of loneliness.

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